Casino Over Under® International Business Partner

As a full service gaming expert LIG® develops and markets casino games that are focused on a thrilling player experience and  maximizing casino operator revenue. We are proud business partners of several casino brands and games.

One of these brands is Casino Over Under®. We are the official international business partner outside the U.S.A. for both land based and online casinos. A perfect game to attract players and introduce them into the thrilling world of casino card games. The game concept is easy to understand, it will take about 20 seconds to learn how to play the game and enjoy the full Casino Over Under® experience.

In the U.S. the game has proven to be a success in several land based casinos. But now the online Casino Over Under® version is growing in popularity. Discover how easy it is to enjoy the game by playing a few rounds in the demo version for desktop below. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device please visit this link to play the demo version: Casino Over Under® mobile demo version

If you are interested in exploiting Casino Over Under® outside the U.S.A. please contact us by filling out the contact form. Please note that only serious business inquiries will be followed up. Therefore be as specific as possible regarding your credentials and inquiries.  

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This is all it takes to enjoy the Casino Over Under® Experience

Let’s get started…
Casino Over Under® is a simple table game that is easy for players to master in no time at all. It combines the thrill of sports betting with the excitement of blackjack. An initial ante wager is placed to start the game. A player is dealt their first card face up. The value of the card is the same as blackjack, with the only exception, aces are always worth 11.

Will it be over 23 or under 18…
Next the player has to decide whether the value of the next 2 cards, plus their first card, will be Over 23, or Under 18. The player may also fold at this time. If the player decides to continue the hand, they must match their ante wager and place their chips in either the Over or Under field on the table.


And the winner is…
The dealer will now flip the remaining 2 cards and will give the player their total value of their hand. If the player chose the Over or Under field correctly, the dealer will match the ante and field bets. If they chose incorrectly, the dealer will take their ante and field bets.

To make it even more exciting…
The bonus wager adds an exciting element to an already exciting game. With payouts ranging from as little as 1 to 1, all the way up to 50 to 1, it makes every hand just as exciting as the next. The bonus wager is placed at the same time as the ante, and is paid out if the players total value of their hand matches any of the bonus payout tiers.

Casino Over Under® Playable Demo (desktop)