Co-Creation by shared interest and investment


As a gaming business expert, LIG® not only provides services to business partners and clients. We also actively develop games and market them on an international scale. Currently we have several projects in development, some of which in a concept stadium and some of them are almost ready to be launched. Our business model is based on Co-Creation: for every project we put together a team of professionals who have the essential, complementary skills and/or resources. Their investment consists of time, knowledge, experience or financial funds in return for a share in the profits.


Success factors are the shared interest and the level of involvement. If you are interested to participate in our projects, please make your inquiries including your type of investment by filling out the contact form. We will contact you in order to explore a possible match between your investment and our specific business case. Obviously we can not disclose detailed information about upcoming project or current developments.

Contact us for more detailed information: contact form