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LIG® selected as Casino Over Under® LLC’s international partner

LIG® is proud to announce its international business partnership with Casino Over Under®. As of November 2022 we represent this exciting new table game outside the US market in both land based as well as online. This card game incorporates all players and operators are looking for: Simple, fast and fun! Astonishing easy to understand and play, Casino Over Under® is the rising star in multiple US casinos. For more detailed information and a playable demo version please click this link: Casino Over Under® 

Casino Over Under® fills a well-known learning gap when it comes to table games. First experiences like first impressions carry a lot weight, and it’s well known that most people’s initiation into casino table games is usually playing the game of Black Jack. This easy to learn (20 seconds!) card game does not require any knowledge or skills to enjoy. It is by far the best option for players that are not familiar with strategic card games like Black Jack or Poker. Just take your seat at the table, watch a round or two and be part of the excitement. 

The best fit for beginner players 

Four reasons why Casino Over Under® proves to be a better fit for beginner players.

1. Intimidation– Anyone who has spent some time at a Black Jack table knows that there are occasions when new players risk more chips than they should when they don’t play optimally. Some of the more experienced players believe that newcomers straying from optimal play change the cards that the experienced players would’ve received which they believe costs them money. That would be fine if they kept it to themselves but they usually let the new players know it with moans, groans, skunk eyes, and bad vibes. Casino Over Under® was intentionally made in a way where that can never happen. No player can make a decision that affects another players hand.

2. Speed and Decisions– It is well known and quite logical that casinos want as many hands/wagers placed as possible. In Black Jack, each player and the dealer get on average just under 3 cards per round and each hand requires anywhere from one to up to as many as five or six decisions per hand. Some of those decisions are tough and often require some time to think about before deciding. In Casino Over Under® there is no hand for the dealer. Each player always gets three cards and their second and third are dealt back to back. There is always just one player decision to decide the outcome in Casino Over Under® and most of the time it is made quickly.

3. Simplicity– Both Casino Over Under® and Black Jack are counting games but Casino Over Under® is obviously more simple. There’s no splitting, no doubling down and no need to have a chart to know how to play optimally.

4. Chance to win big– In Black Jack you can only win as much as you wager, other than when the player gets Black Jack (which is 6/5 or 3/2). The same is true for the base game in Casino Over Under®. When played optimally the game gives the House around a 2% edge over the player. However, in Casino Over Under® if you choose to play the bonus the player can win up to 50 to 1 for either the highest Over total of 33 or the lowest Under of 6.

The Casino Over Under® radio commercial as broadcasted in the U.S.